John Updike likes Albertus. A lot. He insists upon it. He mandates its use. He brooks no refusal and tolerates no substitutes. He is Albertus' fan-numero-uno. Albertus plus John Updike equals forever.

Here, on his latest book jacket, Carol Carson makes Albertus look...quite unexpectedly...great?! It is a remarkable feat of alchemical transmutation. How is this accomplished? Color has something to do with it- kerning, leading. Also contributing: good old-fashioned taste, and ever-cyclical Fashion itself; which insists that everything, even awkward, ungainly, dated Albertus, must eventually return to favor.

As Uppy himself has noted : "A good cover should be a bit recessive in its art, leading us past the cover into the book itself." I begrudgingly admit that he is on to something, though I would say the word "recessive" carries with it the taint of timidity. The art on display here from Carol is, rather, subtle. Despite the very components she's been given to work with, she has concocted something lovely indeed. Something that doesn't shout "design," but is, rather, an exemplary example of it.