I always thought that one Mr. Stephen Dedalus lived in Martello Tower. What I didn't know is that he lived in a Martello Tower.

Here's a neat article on
Martello Towers in The Gaurdian.

And: I want one please.

(The first comment, "this place is a fully functioning babe lair," was clearly written by Buck Mulligan)

Happy Holidays


"I think 'gone' may be overstating it..."

CBS does a segment on book cover design (of all things).

Catch it here

My favorite moment is when Erin Moriarty asks me if, with the advent of the e-reader, "everything is going to change" and I reply "Yes..."

There is a whole lot in that elipsis.


the new whowhatnow?

The New Yorker runs an interview
on the design of the new
Jo Nesbø jacket.

In other news, I'll be posting a
mess of new work soon,
I promise

(it's been a while, or so I'm told)