Dog and Pony Show Continued!

Next talk I'm doing will be at McNally Jackson...

© Yvonne Brooks
This one is pure enjoyment for me. I'll be speaking off the cuff (no pesky PowerPoint files to prepare) with a good friend (fellow musician, scholar and Knopf author Glenn Kurtz) in a warm environment (best bookstore in the city) to an audience of like-minded people (no hecklers please). 

Subjects we will most likely cover: Music; Kafka; Design. And lord knows what else. Once Glenn and I get talking it's pretty hard to shut us up again.

Please join us. (did I mention that it is free?)

Thursday, February 9, at 7 p.m.
McNally Jackson Books
52 Prince St. (btw. Lafayette & Mullberry)

The Hall of Justice

THE DESIGN OF CRIME at The Vera Institute of Justice (which turns out is not this place).  

There might still be space for you. Free admission, but seating is limited.

For info follow this link

An arbitrary sampling of slides to wet your whistles:


What does the above says about gender roles in pulp crime fiction?

What IS the Bouba Kiki Effect and what does it have to do with YOU?

Why is the Statue of Liberty bearing arms? Wait- what?

How do you get all those pesky blood stains out?

Was Jane Austen a pistol-packing mama?

All these questions and more will be answered next week.


Alea iacta est

For some reason every Pantheon freelancer working on the last list wanted to employ a die-cut as part of their proposed jacket design. We accommodated (almost) everyone (can you believe it?!). Finishes started rolling in last week. Three below: mine, Paul Sahre's, and Matt Dorfman's. I'll flip some of them over for you in a week or so.