I recently hired a young designer named Pablo Delcan. He's from Minorca (of all places) and he came to me via the legendary Carin Goldberg, with whom he studied and worked. He is exceptionally talented, and he is now a Pantheon designer and my right-hand man. Pablo is just starting out on this path, and it is inspiring for me to see how quickly he is slotting in. Welcome to Pantheon Pablo.

Pablo's first jacket out of the gate (his first jacket ever) was for Vladimir Nabokov (NO PRESSURE).

The book in question is The Tragedy of Mr. Morn, a play written when the author was only twenty-four years old (close to Pablo's age), and previously unavailable in English. Tragedy is an odd, commedia-like, Zemblan fever-dream which contains many of the themes that dog VN's later works (exile, sexual jealousy, the plays of Shakespeare, etc). It's a must-have for the Nabokov completist.

Buy it here!

Here's Pablo's jacket...

and some of his interior illustrations...

And here's a short animation Pablo made for the release.

Pablo's also (already) designed this great jacket for Arne Dahl's new crime novel...

And this beauty for Ben Dolnick...

And there are many more in the works. So stay tuned.

(There will be another post on some of the other young folk now working here with me anon.)

If you couldn't tell, we are having fun here.