One Pub Date

Hi y'all—just a brief update on my books...

I decided at some point this winter, with the blessings of my various publishers, to release these two books of mine on the exact same day.

Why? Because... well, because it just seemed like a super-duper neat thing to do.

What We See When We Read—A Phenomenology, published by Vintage Books, and Cover, a monograph of my work (with essays by me and others) published by Powerhouse Books, will both have a pub date of August 5th.

So if you are waiting for What We See When We Read, you are in luck because it will arrive early! And if you pre-ordered Cover you will have to wait a couple months longer for it to arrive, for which I apologize. (If you have no interest in either, that's fine too.)

What We See When We Read has just gone off to copy editing (all 448 pages of it). Cover will be out of my life in less than a month. At which point I hope to be designing more and sharing the fruits of those labors with you. There are some very fun projects in the pipeline.

Til then,



Translating Kafka

I will be lucky enough to share a stage with Susan Bernofsky and Jay Cantor on Friday the 31st of January at Deutsches Haus at 6.30 PM.*

"Few writers' works are as self-contained—or as all-consuming—as the literary world created by Franz Kafka. Perhaps for that reason, compelling descriptions and interpretations of Kafka have been rare.Translating Kafka addresses the challenges of grasping Kafka in a variety of different media: in English translation, in graphic artwork, and in fiction."

The event is moderated by Glenn Kurtz. Here's the link to the event.

Hope you can make it.